My Toolbox for Mentoring Women

My Toolbox for Mentoring Women in Canada's Trucking Industry: Making the Case

In 2016, Trucking HR Canada (THRC) launched My Toolbox for Mentoring Women in Canada's Trucking Industry. Part of THRC's Women with Drive initiative, "My Toolbox" is aimed at engaging women and employers in Canada's trucking industry to gain experience with mentorship that will support women in a range of occupations across the country. We are encouraging women, men, employers and industry associations to have a look at the three different approaches to mentorship: Online Peer Networks, Local Women's Events and One-on-One Mentoring Partnerships.

To learn more about Trucking HR Canada's My Toolbox for Mentoring Women in Canada's Trucking Industry, you can either look at the summary of each component or select one of the following options:

Online Peer (Virtual) Networks

How it works

Groups of women can create a virtual network using their favourite social media platform - LinkedIn, Facebook or others. They can help each other succeed in the industry by posting questions, answers, comments and advice.

Online Peer Networks often focus on day-to-day questions that come up for women working in trucking. They are sometimes referred to as "group mentoring."


My Toolbox for Mentoring Women in Canada's Trucking Industry has ideas on how to create a network and tips for making it a success. The tips help with topics such as creating guidelines; the pros and cons of having some editorial control over posts; where to find interesting articles to post; and, how to sustain interest in Online Peer Networks.


  • Connect women who cannot attend face-to-face events
  • Connect from any location at any time
  • Easy to organize
  • Can lead to deeper One-on-One Mentoring partnerships and facilitate the organization of Local women's events

Local Women's Events

How it works

Local people (women only, or both women and men) gather at a face-to-face event. It might be hosted by an association or other industry group, a school, a women's group or an employer. It can follow any format (e.g., a lunch and learn or dinner, a workshop or a casual networking event).

These events can support women through networking.


My Toolbox for Mentoring Women in Canada's Trucking Industry has tips to help spread the word; ideas for different types of events; and tips for making the event a success.


  • Events can be used to build a network of women, and supportive men and employers, in your region.
  • Brief events can be easy to organize.
  • They can be the starting point to find a mentor or mentee or to create an Online Peer Network.

One-on-One Mentoring Partnerships

How it works

One-on-One mentorship is a relationship that forms between a senior person (man or woman - the "mentor") and a less experienced woman (the "mentee") in the industry. It is focused on supporting the professional and personal growth of the mentee.

The mentor and mentee have regular conversations (face-to-face, by telephone, email, social media [e.g., Facebook, etc.]). Usually, these relationships last four to six months or more.


My Toolbox for Mentoring Women in Canada's Trucking Industry has tips and resources to support both of the mentoring partners in making the relationship a success. They help with topics such as: finding a mentor/mentee; expectations; confidentiality; conversation starters; and ending the mentoring partnership.


  • One-on-One mentorship is good for building a deeper relationship.
  • Mentoring partnerships help women in the industry find perspective and guidance from an experienced mentor.
  • The mentor, too, benefits from the relationship.
  • A mentoring program can help employers recruit and retain female employees.

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